Bike Cassette : 

Can you change my compact 50/34 road bike setup to a different gear ratio ?   Not

 Bikes Delivery: 

Do you deliver / pick up bikes from my hotel or my private home ?  Not

 Free Cycling Equipment : 

What is included in the price of renting a bike ? 

Pedals SPD MTB, SPD SL, LOOK KEO, Helmets, Pump, Spare set

to repair the defect, Garmin holder, Bike lock, Bikes bags to store

things 35 x 40 x 10 cm ( 15 L ), Child seat.

 Bikes Insurance / Bikes delvage: 

Do you provide insurance against bike theft or bicycle salvage in the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident ?   Not

 Bikes Price List : 

How much does it cost to rent a bike from you? 

Pricelist is in MENU on our website.


Can I rent a bike for just half a day?   Not


Can I rent a bike on holiday for different days ? YES

 Booking a Bikes: 

How is your booking process ?   Very good


Is it necessary to book a bike online ? 

Very good is make order online , second possibility is make

order by mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or make order by

mobil on +34 608 504 334

 Bikes Saddle/ Pedals: 

Can I use my own saddle and/or pedals ?   Yes

What bike size is right for me ? 

Sizes of bikes are in MENU on our website.

 Bikes Transport : 

Do you provide bike transport to allow cyclists to ride the

different routes around Mallorca ?   Not

 TREK Brand : 

Have you only TREK bikes brand ?   Yes

 Cycling Product : 

Do you sell bicycle-related items such as maps or water bottles?   Yes


What is the price ? Maps has price 8 € and bottles 4 € /

500ml, 6 € / 750 ml

 Guided Road Bikes Tours : 

Do you offer guided road bike tours ?   Not

 Children's Bikes / Seats : 

Do you provide children's bicycles, children's bicycle seats or

child's bicycle carts?   Yes


How much does it cost ? Childrens bikes start price from 8 €

and in Pricelist is Kinder bikes,children bikes seats are free,

childs bikes carts costs 6 € / 1Day

 Mountain Bikes: 

Do you rent mountain bikes ? Not , we have Cross bikes.

  Opening Hours : 

When does your business open ? 

Open time is on all sites down of our website.


How is the "rental day" calculated ? 

1 day is from 9:00 to 19:00

 Parking : 

Is there parking near your store when I come to pick up my bike ? 

Parking is 20 m near hotel Linda Playa, which is across from us.


What are the roads like in Mallorca ?

High-quality asphalt roads.

 Shop Ride Mallorca : 

Can you tell me where I can look at your bikes as I can't find pictures of what your shop looks like ?

Look please in MENU - HOME